Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oil Price War - How to Win this Battle

It’s been more than two months since my last post. This is because I’d just started a new and exciting journey with a few great people.

About two months ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to Ernie Chen. If you don’t know him, Ernie Chen is the No.1 Motivator in Asia and he’s also known as The Guru of Confidence. He’s also one of the Finalists in The Firm (1st Season). Finally, I found someone who is not only successful in business, but also in motivating and developing people. Right now you might be thinking, how is this related to the title of this post?

I want to introduce you to my mentor, Ernie Chen, because he can guide us and be our mentor during this economic crisis.

If you know me, it’s very rare for me to recommend anyone or anything. And if you know me even better, you’d realise I’ve been trying to have a successful business since 1998. I’ve failed many times. But now I know with Ernie’s guidance, I will succeed. I will win this battle. Why? It’s because he’s been there and done that.

If you read any books on achieving success or getting rich, you must have at least one mentor (fortunately I have more than one!). It’s not easy to find a mentor that is already successful and willing to share his knowledge with others. So, for me to have more than one mentor is a blessing. I thank God for my mentors and the great people that surrounding me now.

Most people would think I’m crazy. I was a Senior Industrial Engineer. I quit my job, became a service provider to Ernie’s company and am earning 1/3 of my previous salary so that I can learn from him. That is how much I believe in him and how much I want to create a better life for my family and myself.

When the government announced the increase of oil price, did your employer also increase your salary? The answer is NO (except if you are a few of the people who work in Ernie’s company).

Do you think the government will help you to increase your income? Hell No. Is your family going to help you? Most probably not. They have their own family and their own problems. The only person who can help you make more money is YOU.

So, YOU must learn how to make extra money. Who’s gonna coach you? Ernie Chen. Who’s gonna inform you when he’s goin be available to coach you? Chetz Yusof. Let’s repeat it one more time…

Who’s gonna coach you how to be successful in life? ERNIE CHEN

Who’s gonna inform you when he’s goin be available to coach you? CHETZ YUSOF

By the way, you’re welcome (I know you’ll be thanking me later for introducing Ernie Chen to you).

Here is Ernie’s video on Introduction to confidence.

To know more about Ernie, go to http://www.ernie-chen.com

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